Polymorphic Podcast: MVVM, Blend, Integrator in WPF and Silverlight

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Polymorphic Podcast

Some time ago, Craig Shoemaker asked me if I wanted to talk about design time data in MVVM on his Polymorphic podcast, and of course I said yes. Following in the steps on my buddies Josh Smith and Tim Heuer was a bit scary, but hey, this is what we do, right, following the steps of giants and trying not to look too silly while we do it :)

It was a fun talk, and I think we managed to convey the message pretty well. We talked about the Model-View-ViewModel pattern, especially related to creation of design time data for Expression Blend. We also talked a lot about Blend, XAML, the Integrator role, and generally Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, and tips to create beautiful applications.

I hope you like the show!


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Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)
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