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MVVM Light stats: 300’000 downloads and more

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Quick stats about the number of downloads of MVVM Light:

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We need you (crowd-testing MVVM Light new setup)

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11-28-2013 4-13-37 PM

You may have noticed that I was quite late in releasing new MSIs recently for the new versions of MVVM Light. The explanation is simple: I hate, with a passion, to make (and especially test) MSIs.

A bit of history: In the early days, the MVVM Light installation process was a bit cumbersome and manual. I asked for help and my friend Morten offered to make an MSI (with Wix) to install MVVM Light. The main reason why we chose MSI over VSIX is because of the (supposed) restrictions of VSIX installers, notably for code snippets.

I will come back on this a bit later with a larger blog post explaining the new setup. In the moment, I need some testers to try installing the new version (4.2.30) on their system and give me feedback. This is a brand new setup that does not involve any MSI but only VSIX files. Now, every documentation I could find (and every Microsoft people I asked except one) told me that code snippets cannot be installed with VSIX. Turns out it was wrong, and in fact you can (kudos to Mads for pointing me in the right direction by the way!)

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New mobile-friendly theme on my blog!

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As I mentioned earlier, I am now self hosting my blog, and am now using WordPress. One of the things I wanted to do for a long time is have a mobile-friendlier presentation. Well, it is the case now! From now on, if you visit this blog from a mobile browser, you will see much more readable and navigable pages.

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Giving more battery life to your Surface Pro

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I love my Surfaces. I have three at the moment: one Surface RT (1st generation) which is going to pass to my younger daughter for her homework, email, videos, internet browsing and games; one Surface 2 (no more RT in the name now, this is the second generation of the “small” Surface which runs Windows Store apps); and a Surface Pro first generation.

I was hoping to grab a Surface Pro 2 during my recent trip to Seattle but the model that interests me (256GB) is sold out throughout the USA (and most of the world probably). Some MVPs managed to grab one here or there, but even with a bit of research I was unable to find any. Nevermind, I’ll just wait a bit. While I love my Surface Pro 1, I just would like a bit more RAM (4GB is a bit tight for development), more SSD (128GB at the moment requires me to think too much about what I synchronize from Skydrive and what I leave online-only) and some more battery life.

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Back home after the MVP summit

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One of the nice side effects of porting the blog to WordPress is that they have a Windows Phone app which seems to work pretty well. Maybe not for big blog posts with a lot of code, but nice and handy for shorter thoughts. We’ll call that the “140 chars is too short” kind of posts.

side note, please feel free to follow me and interact on Twitter. I really like Twitter for all the “140 chars is enough” kind of posts :)

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Rebooting the blog

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Finally it is time to unveil one of my big projects of the fall: I decided to take over my blog content and, from now on, to host everything myself.

A little bit of history: In 2006, still excited from the amazing MIX conference (first of the name), I realized how strong the Microsoft developer community is, and decided to become a part of it. Before that, I had been extremely active in the JavaScript community and used to take part to discussions on Usenet newsgroups (with some amazing thinkers like Doug Crockford who is, still today, one of the leading figures of the JavaScript world). I also answered JavaScript questions on my website, a first venture in a way of posting articles about a specific tech topic. This was quite successful and worked well, but in 2006 after MIX, I thought it is time to rather use a blog platform to do this, and I started looking for a good host.

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