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Quick tip: What to do when Visual Studio freaks out and everything is red

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Update: There is a fix available for this issue. See this post!

You might have seen this before: You open a project in Visual Studio, and almost every possible keyword is underlined red. Building works just fine, but the editor and Intellisense just freak out. In my case, working in a Windows Phone project, I couldn’t select the target (Device, Emulator 512, etc) in the combo box next to the “Run” button in the taskbar. It only showed “Start”.

Having just installed Xamarin, I first thought that it was the culprit. Or maybe Resharper. Anyway whatever the cause was (and I am still not 100% sure what actually triggered this behavior), recovering from it is actually quite easy:

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Using the EventArgsConverter in MVVM Light, and why is there no EventToCommand in the Windows 8.1 version?

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If you installed the latest version of MVVM Light, you might have noticed that EventToCommand is still missing from the Windows 8.1 DLLs. Why is that?

Historically, Behaviors have been added only in Windows 8.1 (they are not available in Windows 8.0 at all). Some of us developed workarounds, such as the attached behavior I published in May with my MSDN article about commands.

During that time, I have been in constant touch with the Blend team and the Windows 8 team to talk about the possibility to have behaviors in Windows 8. Very fast it became apparent that this could only be done with a few changes to the underlying implementation of Windows, and thus that it would be a Win8.1 only story. I was lucky to get invited to an early SDR (software design review) of the new Windows 8.1 Behavior implementation and to give feedback. Notably, I noticed that the InvokeCommandAction behavior was still missing a way to get the EventArgs down to the ViewModel, and asked the team if they could add this.

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Microsoft MVP for Client Dev

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I am happy to announce that I am renewed as an MVP for 2014. This time as Client Dev, which is the new MVP expertise resulting from the merger of Silverlight (my previous expertise), Client App Dev and Blend. This is my 8th MVP award in a row.

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