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Teaser: my MVVM Light reference course at Pluralsight is almost ready

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Boy how long did I wait for that! The MVVM Light reference course at Pluralsight is almost ready! We just have a couple more modules to review, a little polish to be done, a few questions to be written and then we are done.

So here’s a small teaser series. To build up some anticipation, I decided to show you the title of the modules and sections. For this course, I assume a prior knowledge of XAML but no knowledge about MVVM is required.

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A fix for the Visual Studio issue I reported before

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One thing awesome at the Visual Studio team is how quick they are to react to issues, even when they are not responsible for the issue itself.

tl;dr: Xamarin was causing the issue, and a fix is available. See below how to install the fix.

Quick recap of the events:

  • On January 28th I reported an issue where Visual Studio would freak out when reopening a project. In Windows Phone, you would lose the ability to switch between device and emulators. In Windows Phone and in Windows Store (and maybe other frameworks too), you would get a lot of errors in XAML files (blue underlines). Intellisense would stop showing relevant information. If you had Resharper installed, the same thing was happening in C# files too, with a lot of errors reported. However it was still possible to build the application and to run it. In that blog post I proposed the fix of deleting the SUO file. This file stores some settings, such as the open documents, etc. For some reason, deleting the SUO file was forcing Visual Studio to reset its view and the issue was solved. But it would come back the next time you open the same project, unfortunately.
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