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Preview: an ObservableAdapter<T> for Xamarin Android in MVVM Light VNext

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I don’t know about you, but one of the most annoying things to code in Xamarin Android are adapters for lists. This is a typical example of stuff you need to do over and over again. In MVVM Light VNext, I will include an ObservableAdapter<T> as well as two new extension methods.

With this new class, you will be able to do something like this (for clarity I removed unnecessary code, so this code here does not compile. I will publish a working sample later).

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MVVM Light Fundamentals, a Pluralsight course

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Today, my Pluralsight course “MVVM Light Fundamentals” was published. It is the achievement of a long road for me, the conclusion of an adventure that started more than a year ago with the awesome people at Pluralsight. I won’t talk too much about why it took me so long to create this course, let’s just say that creating videos is really a totally different business than book writing. I had to work a lot to find the right way to do things, and especially find ways to optimize the act of recording the video, which I can only do when I am not travelling. It took a while until I found the correct way to do things. Everyone says that the first course is horribly hard, and I can vouch for that. They also say that the next courses are much easier, and I hope I can prove this too :)

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MVVM Light V4.4 with Xamarin Android support

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I just published MVVM Light V4.4 to Nuget. For now, this is only the “libraries only” package as I still have some testing to do on the full package as well as on the PCL package.

A “formal” list of changes can be seen here.

Possible breaking change

Let’s start with a possible breaking change. After much feedback “from the field”, I decided to change the names of the MVVM Light DLLs to remove the indication of the framework that they are built for. This might require you to update your XAML files accordingly. I am sorry if that causes you some effort, but I think it makes sense, considering that we are encouraged to share some XAML between the platforms (for example between WinStore and WinPhone), and the naming was breaking this.

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