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Getting ready for Xamarin Evolve!

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This year, I decided to speak less at conferences, after last year’s mad rush. As much as I love to speak in public and share knowledge, last year was a bit too much and I ended up in December really tired. So this year, I didn’t submit much and I will only have had a few speaking engagements, including the excellent Techorama in Belgium in the beginning of the year.

This makes me even happier and more excited to take part to Xamarin Evolve this year. Honestly, I think the last time I was so excited about public speaking was at the memorable and amazing MIX conferences. I heard so many good things about Evolve, and I am really happy to be part of it this year.

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Why is ColumnDefinition set to Auto and not Star by default? Xamarin Forms

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UPDATE 24.09.2014: Xamarin just announced a new pre-release version of Xamarin Forms that fixes the behavior described here. Kudos to Xamarin for listening to the community. Publishing breaking changes is never easy, and it is a courageous step.

Official announcement:
Xamarin.Forms 1.3 will be changing the default behavior for a Grid. The default Column/RowDefinitions will be changed from Auto to Star. This is in line with about a million bug reports requesting this, user voice, and should better meet your expectations. If you are depending on the current behavior please add code to your project now to set the Row/Column definitions to Auto.
We will be putting out several pre-releases with this change so you have time to adapt.

Here is a small difference between “Windows XAML” and “Xamarin Forms XAML” that cost me an hour the other day. You know how anal passionate I am about user interfaces and pixel perfection. When I created a Xamarin Forms UI, here is what I wanted (on the left) as opposed to what I got (on the right, rendered in Windows Phone but the same happened in Android and iOS of course).

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Solving the “type or namespace name ‘Init’ does not exist” issue in Xamarin Forms

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I don’t know about you but when I write cross-platform applications, I like to make sure that I immediately know which project is running on each platform. Over the years, I took the habit of suffixing the projects, for example as follows:

  • MyApp.Wp8 –> Windows Phone 8.
  • MyApp.Wpf –> Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • MyApp.Win8 –> Windows Store.

On Xamarin, it’s only natural to want to use the same concept:

  • MyApp.Droid –> Xamarin Android.
  • MyApp.iOS –> Xamarin iOS.
  • MyApp.Forms –> Xamarin Forms.

So far so good, right? Well almost, because it can cause an issue with the installed project template for Xamarin Forms.

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