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Welcome 2015

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2014 was a great year, with a lot of excitement in the Microsoft community, a lot of awesome news. Microsoft released a few interesting hardware offerings such as the confirmation of the success of the Surface Pro 3, the release of the Microsoft Band and the Miracast wireless display adapter (I have one of each and they work great), a few exciting announcements such as the open sourcing of the .NET core, the release to the public of the free Visual Studio Community Edition, the preview release of Windows 10, continued activity in the WPF team, and more. Microsoft Azure is continuing its expansion in features, and is also becoming more accessible to small business and hobbyists. On the client side, we continue to see a unification of the platforms that will reach its best in Windows 10 with the universal applications running on Windows, Windows Phone and XBOX. And of course the extended partnership with Xamarin (which makes me very happy on a professional and personal level) allows to leverage an ever large portion of that code and run it on iOS and Android devices.

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Porting #MVVMLight to the Xamarin.iOS Unified API (64 bits)

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Apple recently announced that they will not accept applications submissions for apps that do not support 64 bits architecture. The deadline has been set in February and then pushed back to June. Nonetheless, if you have a Xamarin iOS app, or are thinking of writing one, you will have to support 64 bits.

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New sections on my website: Presentations, Podcasts, Publications

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Over the past years, I have participated in a number of conferences, podcasts and interviews, and published articles, guest blog posts and other publications. It was a little bit difficult to keep track of everything, and I wanted a better way to show these presentations’ material, and have a central location where to download slides and sample code from, and even to see the video (if available).

Since I am currently reorganizing my website and archiving some of the content, it was the perfect occasion (also, it was really fun to implement this with Razor, but that’s a story for another blog post).

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Re-enabling the CommandManager feature with RelayCommand in MVVM Light V5

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In October, I published V5 of the MVVM Light Toolkit. Amongst other things, this is the first version where the main assemblies (GalaSoft.MvvmLight and GalaSoft.MvvmLight.Extras) are portable class libraries (PCL). This is good for you because you can now develop PCLs that reference MVVM Light and use its components. It’s good for me too, because it creates less clutter when I want to support multiple Windows frameworks (and boy, do I support them! All XAML frameworks are officially supported by MVVM Light V5 as well as Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Forms!)

For you who are using MVVM Light as your framework of choice in an application, it should mean much change. In WPF 4 and WPF 4.5, however, there is a catch: The CommandManager will stop working after you upgrade MVVM Light to V5. What you will observe is that your UI elements (buttons, etc) will stop getting disabled/enabled when the RelayCommand’s CanExecute delegate returns false.

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