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So, I tried the HoloLens!

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Well it was very impressive.

First the security around the demo is really incredible. You have to leave all your devices, bags, watches etc in a locker. There is staff in front of every door. They do not answer any question about SDK, device availability, price point, or anything really.

But you get to try the device.

I had a scenario where I was an architect and able to see and modify a 3d model of a building. Using a mouse in 3D is surprisingly easy.

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Build keynote day 1 part 5

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Joe Belfiore

Demos new tweaks to the Windows 10 interface
Live tiles animations
New space in the start menu to suggest new apps
Can also show newly installed apps
Lock screen

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Build keynote day 1 part 4 #bldwin

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Satya Nadella


Rob Lefferts (Office team)

Shows integration of Office with 3rd party for example Docu Sign
Sway, PowerPoint, Outlook ads-ins
Shows APIs to Office to access and create new apps

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Build keynote day 1 part 3 #bldwin

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Scott Gu back on stage

Azure analytics
Introduces new services around analytics
SQL data warehouse
Can aggregate data from many sources
Also from on premise systems
Interact with the data using power BI, machine learning
Build predictive models and expose as an API that your app can use to optimize itself
Compares it to AWS Redshift

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Build keynote day 1 part 2 #bldwin

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Scott Hanselman

Demos building an app to manage 3D printing
Order management
Demos Visual Studio Code editor on Mac OS
Supports dozens of languages out of the box
Not just a simple editor
Intellisense built in
Code peak
Debugging support
Btw: This was built in Switzerland
Switches to Ubuntu, same editor
Visual Studio is a family of tools for every developer
Scott Gu hand delivers the printed 3d model

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Build keynote day 1 part 1

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Satya Nadella opens the keynote

Invites David William Hearn (StaffPad) for a demo.
Windows 10 from Raspberry Pi to Holographic computing
Invites Scott Guthrie on stage

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Setting up a VPN server on a Mac and using it for #Xamarin.iOS development

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When you develop for Xamarin.iOS, you are faced with the annoying fact that you have to use a Mac to build and debug your iOS applications. There are of course no technical reasons behind this requirement, it’s just Apple being Apple and forcing their hardware on every iOS developer (one can wonder how loud people would scream if Microsoft was forcing everyone to use PCs to run Windows…). Anyway, it is what it is and we have to comply.

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Building adaptive layout in Windows 10 with RelativePanel and AdaptiveTrigger

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Windows 10 comes with a new class of applications named Universal Application Platform (UAP). It may sound like an old story because Universal apps had been introduced in Windows 8 already, but in fact the new UAP in Windows 10 is much more exciting.

I have shown how to create a new Windows 10 universal application with MVVM Light support and run it on various devices. In this article, I want to go a bit deeper on what Windows 10 universal apps are really, and how to handle various form factors and device families.

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