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Build keynote (day 2) Part 4

Build, Windows 10
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Qi Lu (Office 365)

  • Reinventing productivity
  • Largest user base (1.2 billion users!)
  • 3 billions minutes of Skype calls daily!
  • Connect to MS Office services
    • Unified API and SDKs
    • Single sign on (Azure)
    • Real time data
    • Intelligence
  • Microsoft Graph demo
  • OneDrive file picker integrate in DocuSign, allows to select files from OneDrive directly
  • Recipient selector can select users based on topics etc, even mistyped names
  • Shows custom integration of add-ins in Office
  • Starbucks CTO Gerri Martin-Flickinger
    • Shows integration of gift cards into Outlook
  • Conversations as a platform
    • Human language as extensible UI
    • Ubiquitous
    • WeChat in China
  • Announces general availability of Office 365 group connectors
    • Allows to connect services into the group conversation
  • Skype Web SDK integrates Skype within a website
  • Visit to start building
  • Incredible innovation

Steven Guggenheimer, John Shewchuk

  • Muzik demo
    • Programmable buttons
  • Project Murphy
  • Spotify video
  • Shows some additional UWP samles
  • Vuforia demo (VR middleware), turns 2D images into 3D meshes
  • Students, Imagine Cup
    • Group of 8th graders on stage
    • Their experiment goes in space on May 31st
    • Built with Lego and Microsoft!
GalaSoft Laurent Bugnion
Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)
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Build keynote (day 2) Part 3

Build, Windows 10
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Back to Scott

  • Service Fabric
    • Age of Ascent, massive multiplayer game

Scott Hanselman

  • Service Fabric demo
  • Demos the Age of Ascent game
    • Huge number of transactions
    • Auto scale
    • Shows deploying to production while the game is playing
    • Game can self heal after a bad upgrade / coding error. Health monitor is looking for flaws and auto correcting them

Back to Scott

  • Azure Service Fabric is generally available today
  • Data + Intelligence
    • New services such as speech, vision recognition etc
    • Integrates in any app
    • AccuWeather video, runs on Azure
  • DocumentDB
    • Global Databases
    • Replicate data for multi region
    • Low latency, high consistency
    • Protocol support for MongoDB (can use MongoDB tools etc)
  • The Walking Dead game demo, runs on Azure
    • DocumentDB
  • Power BI Embedded
    • Pay only for what you use
    • In app data visualization
    • Milliman demo
GalaSoft Laurent Bugnion
Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)
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Build keynote (day 2) Part 2

Build, Windows 10
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Scott Guthrie

  • Good to see the Gu on stage for more goodness!!
  • More regions for Azure than Google and AWS combined
  • Huge datacenters
  • Fast adoption of Azure at the moment
  • Enterprises are not an afterthought but a key point
  • Ready for enterprise, including security, privacy, certifications, etc
  • License to operate on mainland China
  • > 85% or Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft cloud
  • MS was always centered on developers
  • Choose to use Azure for Infrastructure only, or high level set of services
  • Lots of startups and small firms too

Web and Mobile

  • Xamarin
    • Acquired by Microsoft
    • More than 1.3 millions users
    • Loved by developers, trusted by enterprises
    • Nice customer video

Miguel de Icaza

  • Xamarin is very excited to join Microsoft
  • iOS emulator remoted into Windows so you can use touch in the emulator!
  • Android emulator on Windows and Xamarin inspector, allows you to run code on the fly, edit it while running, code completion etc
  • Can even run documents with text in between, for example for samples etc

Back to Scott

  • Xamarin will be FREE starting today
    • even for the free Visual Studio community edition
  • Xamarin will be open sourced and part of the .NET foundation
  • HockeyApp demo
  • Xamarin test cloud demo
  • BMW on stage
    • Automated driving, digital services
    • Amazing integration of intelligence, detecting obstacles etc
    • Build on Azure, open mobility cloud
  • Schneider Electric
    • Created smart devices for years
    • Logical step to add IOT
    • Azure IOT suite
  • Can integrate IOT business logic in azure in different ways
  • New Azure service:
    • Azure Functions
    • Serverless compute
    • Trigger on events + external servuces
    • C#, Node.js code
    • Open source runtime

Cameron Skinner (IOT)

  • Cool IOT demo, when a temperature sensor goes under 20 degrees, sends a message to his shirt using Azure Functions


GalaSoft Laurent Bugnion
Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)
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Build keynote (day 2) Part 1

Build, Windows 10
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Here we are again! Another keynote and as far as I heard you don’t want to miss it!

Yesterday was quite the whirlwind of meetings, events, parties and a whole lot of excitement. My feet are killing me, I didn’t sleep much but I am happy about everything. One really exciting event for my colleague Rene and I was the HoloLens presentation that we gave in the so-called HoloLens hub. You can read more about our HoloLens development experience in Rene’s blog.

The glamorous life of a speaker (taken before our #HoloLens presentation /cc René

Posted by Laurent Bugnion on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another highlight of course was the meeting the Regional Directors were offered with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. It was a very good discussion, in an informal tone, a very relaxed session. It confirmed a lot of my opinions about Satya, and the impression that Microsoft is in good hands with him.

So this just happened, side meeting with the Microsoft Regional Directors and Satya Nadella #Build2016

Posted by Laurent Bugnion on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Let’s get started!

GalaSoft Laurent Bugnion
Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)
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Build 2016 Keynote highlight #5

Build, Windows 10
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Alex Kipman / Kudo Tsunoda (HoloLens)

  • Today, HoloLens starts shipping
  • Kudo and Alex hug on stage, emotional moment
  • Shows community-suggested ideas that MS built
  • Galaxy Explorer
    • Code will be made available on GitHub
    • Community helped to brainstorm the features
  • Bluescope
  • Japan airlines
  • Demos an anatomy learning experience using HoloLens
  • NASA uses HoloLens in the International Space Station (amongst other places)
  • Airbus, Lowes and others mentioned as partners

Satya Nadella is back

  • Conversations as a platform
  • Cortana
    • Becoming smarter every day
    • Marcus Ash
    • Cortana works on the lock screen with Hey Cortana
    • Experience ships in Anniversary update
    • Cortana can track emails and add information into Outlook
    • “Hey Cortana, send Mark the Powerpoint document” and Cortana finds the document and asks if this is the right one
    • Can send a text from the PC directly
    • Notices that an appointment is during lunch –> offers to book a table, order lunch, etc
    • Can interact with universal apps too
    • Cortana finds taxi receipt in email and proposes to add it to UWP expense report app
    • “What toy store did I go to last year at Build”
      • This is an action that can be configured via a web dashboard
    • Request an invite to the Cortana developer preview
  • Skype, Kik, Line, WeChat, Slack
    • Demos assistant integration in Skype
    • “conversation canvas”
    • Works on Android, iOS, Windows
    • Visual video mail
      • Shows a transcript below the video message
    • Cortana is always there in the corner
      • Highlights keywords in the text
      • Shows information card about keywords
      • Cortana is acting as a conversation partner on Skype too
      • “chat with Cortana”
      • Brokers the conversation with a bot
      • Shows a conversation between the user, Cortana and a hotel reservation bot
    • Developers will get access to a Skype bot SDK
    • Skype for HoloLens video
  • Cortana intelligence suite
    • Allows developers to build bots
    • Cognitive services
    • Machine learning
    • Microsoft Bot Framework
    • Connects existing bots with Cortana
    • Build new bots with a bot builder
    • Define semantic terms
    • Use machine learning to build natural language understanding
    • Can easily teach the bot to better understand natural language interactions
    • If bot doesn’t understand a request, can transfer the conversation to a human operator
    • Lots of machine learning APIs are made available
    • Vision recognition API can help recognize objects with a confidence score
    • Shows an enhanced voice recognition demo
  • Shows an amazing demo of visual recognition running in smart glasses and telling a blind man what is happening around him
    • App can also read a menu
    • Built on top of the Cortana intelligence suite
GalaSoft Laurent Bugnion
Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)
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Build 2016 Keynote highlight #4

Build, Windows 10
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Terry Myerson

  • There is really no better time to be a Windows developer
  • HoloLens
    • World’s first fully untethered holographic computer
    • See what real customers are doing with it every day

Phil Spencer

  • Gaming at Microsoft
  • Fully open development ecosystem
  • Shows an app downloaded from Steam, ran through a converter and published as a Universal Windows app.
  • Use an XBOX One console as a dev console
  • Can switch to dev mode with button press (and a reboot)
  • Deploys a UWP to the XBOX One
  • Remote deploy, remote debug
  • Controller just works (all the UWP controls are optimized for it)
  • In fact you can plug a controller on the desktop PC as well and controls work for it
  • Access to the same universal APIs such as speech recognition
  • Leave developer mode to go back to retail mode on single button press
  • Preview available today
  • Commitment to turn every XBOX One to a dev kit
  • Single unified store
  • Bringing Cortana to XBOX One
  • New features will be announced at E3 in June
  • DirectX 12 is the fastest API adoption this decade


GalaSoft Laurent Bugnion
Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)
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Build 2016 Keynote highlight #3

Build, Windows 10
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Back to Terry Myerson

  • New Universal Windows apps
    • Uber
    • Disney
    • Starbucks
    • Facebook
    • Messenger
    • Instagram
    • Amex
    • Hulu
    • and more
  • More and more developers come to the platform
  • Focus on Boeing and Jeppesen
    • Electronic flight bag, saves 30-40 kgs paper on each flight

Kevin Gallo

  • We want Windows to be home for developers
  • Innovations in the platform
    • GPU Animation effects, 60 FPS
    • Blur effect
    • Highlight effect
    • Windows Ink integration
      • InkCanvas
      • InkToolbar
        • Includes the Ruler we saw earlier
  • Preview of the SDK available today
  • Hosted web apps
  • Bash shell is coming to Windows
    • Can use any of the editors, they are all here
    • Aimed primarily at hosted web apps developers
    • Windows 10 APIs are all there (from JavaScript)
    • Brings the power of open source command line tools to Windows
  • Windows Centennial
    • Desktop app converter
    • Converts existing Win31 or .NET desktop apps into a modern Windows app
    • Can be submitted to the Windows store
    • Very minimal changes
    • Access to all Universal APIs (live tiles, toasts etc)
    • Demos the code to do that
      • One project for “old” app
      • Another project for new functionality
  • Xamarin
    • Shared code
    • Demos the MS Health app
    • Demos the XIB designer in Visual Studio (for iOS)
GalaSoft Laurent Bugnion
Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)
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Build 2016 Keynote highlight #2

Build, Windows 10
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Satya Nadella’s keynote

  • Mobile first, cloud first
  • Cloud is a new form of computing that enables the mobile experience
  • Azure active directory with 5 millions users
  • Office 365 getting opened like ever before
    • Connectors and add-ins
  • More personal computing
  • Windows 10 is off to amazing start
  • Conversations as a platform
  • Windows 10 is the ultimate developer platform, for Windows and beyond

Terry Myerson

  • Even if you have a five years old PC or a brand new Mac, we welcome you on Windows 10
  • Anniversary update coming for free to all Windows 10 customers this summer
  • Cheering from Windows Insiders
  • Windows Hello
    • Can log in more securely than ever before
    • With the Anniversary update, can use this auth data in our apps
    • Including websites in Edge
  • New Windows Ink experience
  • XBOX One, bringing all Windows apps to the living room
  • HoloLens
  • Cortana will be upgraded too in Anniversary update
  • Demo
    • Website, log on with Windows Hello, fingerprint and logged in.
    • Pen and paper
      • Ink workspace (opens when pressing the pen button)
      • Suggested apps, opens store with apps that explicitly supports pen
      • Sticky notes, handwriting recognition
      • Write the word Tomorrow, lights up, tap to open Cortana and enter a reminder
      • Sketches
      • 72% use pen for more than 1 hour a day
      • 32% for more than 3 hours
      • Demos a virtual ruler to draw straight lines
      • Ruler is available in all aps (demos Powerpoint)
      • Also available as Stencils (shapes you can draw along)
      • Share the whiteboard to apps (like Twitter)
      • Ink workspace available over the lock screen too (with pen button click)
    • Maps
      • Draw a line between two points, the ink turns into distance calculation
      • Take notes along the route, 3D view of ink, sticks to the map
    • Annotate in Word
      • Cross a word with pen to remove it
      • Straightens the highlights
    • Cortana can shut down the PC now
GalaSoft Laurent Bugnion
Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)
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Build 2016 Keynote highlight #1

Build, Windows 10
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It’s that time of the year again, the Microsoft Build 2016 keynote is about to start. I am sitting there in the press area this year (even though I have an attendee badge, but it’s one of the perks to be a Microsoft Regional Director, thanks Dawn and Chris for making us feel special :)

As usual I will be blogging my notes as we go. It’s unformatted, raw content, so bear with me! I hope that you find this helpful like in the past years. The keynote can be streamed live at 

Satya Nadella at #build2016

Posted by Laurent Bugnion on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

GalaSoft Laurent Bugnion
Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)
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Slides and Samples for my talk at TechDays Switzerland

.NET, Phone, TechDays, Technical stuff, Universal Windows Platform UWP, Windows 10, XAML
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On Tuesday, I had the pleasure to talk to an almost full movie theater room about Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform UWP. I think the talk went well, and I had a lot of positive feedback later. 50 minutes sure is short for a talk, but on the plus side it forces you to concentrate on the essential. I really loved finishing my talk with a demo on the Windows Continuum, and even presenting the last few slides from my trusted Lumia 950XL directly on the big movie screen.

To all the participants, I extend a big thank you for the welcome. Unfortunately the session was not recorded, but I am sure I will have other occasions to show this material!

As promised I posted the slides, sample code as well as a small video I made. This video shows the Windows Islandwood (iOS) Bridge sample application running in the iOS simulator. In the sample code, you will find the iOS project after conversion to Windows 10. Finally make sure to check the slides for various resource links.

Happy coding!

GalaSoft Laurent Bugnion
Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)
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