Slides and sample code for my presentations at #VSLive Boston

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Thanks to everyone who came to my sessions at VSLive Boston. I had a great time. I hope it was informative and useful. I am aware that you take time out of your job to come and see us speak and I really hope that you found it worth your time.

I had two sessions:

Windows 10 – The Universal Application: One App To Rule Them All?

You can find the slides and sample code for this session here. This page also links to a video showing how Windows 10 Universal apps work on HoloLens!

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) 4.6

Here are the slides and sample code.

Thanks again for your warm welcome in Boston!! I even had some time to visit the city and had a blast in the historical places.

Happy coding

GalaSoft Laurent Bugnion
Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)
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2 Responses to “Slides and sample code for my presentations at #VSLive Boston”

  1. Fabio Says:

    Why in the slide for kiosk application you say WPF and not UWP?


  2. lbugnion Says:

    It’s hard to convey the whole discussion in a single slide. In essence, what I said is that kiosk apps are easier to realize in WPF, especially when you need to prevent the user to use keyboard, mouse or other peripherals. I also said that it is changing and creating kiosk apps is easier in Windows 10 now and things are evolving all the time.

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