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Solving the issue where unexpected languages appear when you submit to the Windows 10 Store (#mvvmlight)

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Ah the joy of developing for new platforms :)

Over the past few weeks, I received a few bug reports where an application that was supporting only one, non en-US language was receiving some errors when being submitted to the store. In short, the store thought that the application was bi-lingual (original language + en-US) and asked for all the assets (description etc) in en-US as well. Needless to say it is no fun for the developer who has to prepare all the assets in en-US at the last minute.

This issue was described here in the CommonServiceLocator library. And unfortunately, because MVVM Light has a dependency on this library, it can also occur in MVVM Light applications too.

It’s a bug!

After reporting the issue to Microsoft, and having one member of the team spend some time on it (thanks!), it so happens that it is due to a bug in Visual Studio 2015. This is a regression in the handling of portable class libraries. And what’s great is that (while waiting for the bug to be fixed), there is a workaround:

  • Open your application’s CSPROJ file in a text editor.
  • In the first PropertyGroup of the project, add the following line:

This line will prevent the bug from happening, and you should be able to submit your app to the store as usual.

Happy coding!

GalaSoft Laurent Bugnion
Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)

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One million downloads!

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Logo MVVM Win8 Purple 103x80

I am not sure exactly when it happened but as I was reviewing the MVVM Light Toolkit’s download numbers, I suddenly realized that we are now over a MILLION downloads.

The breakdown of the downloads is as follows:

TOTAL: 1’130’704 downloads

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Source code and samples for the ADC15 talks

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I just published the material for last Monday’s Advanced Developer Conference in Frankenthal Germany.

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Upcoming speaking engagements and travels!

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Wow it’s autumn already! When did that happen? The Summer was very busy, with a lot of super interesting work at IdentityMine, the release of MVVM Light V5.2, and preparation for an upcoming article in MSDN Magazine (more about that later) and even some work on some personal apps I wanted to port to Windows 10 and improve.

In the coming few weeks, I have some travel coming up, with speaking engagements. Here is the list below, and I will update it if something new comes up. I really hope to have a chance to see you at one of these talks, and if you do come, please come say hi and let’s chat!

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MVVM Light V5.2 is live!

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This week I published MVVM Light V5.2 to Nuget and to the Visual Studio Gallery.

There are a few highlights which are described as always in the Change Log. See further below for a more detailed explanation of some of the changes.

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Using compiled bindings (x:Bind) with #mvvmlight

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One of the XAML-related announcements at Build this year was the availability of compiled bindings. These new bindings can be used instead of the “classic” {Binding} syntax in XAML. Note that this syntax is only available in Windows 10 universal applications, not in WPF yet.

The advantage of compiled bindings over normal bindings is that (wait for it) they are compiled. So there is syntax check by the compiler when you build your project. Also, the bindings will be resolved much faster because they do not rely on reflection during runtime.

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#Techorama 2015: Slides and source code are online!

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Techorama was a real pleasure. I have to admit I was a bit tired from all the travel (I had just come back from 2 weeks in the US a couple of days before flying to Brussels) but I was super happy to go because I know how well organized this conference is. They love their speakers, and we love them back.

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Using #mvvmlight with Windows 10 universal applications

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Yesterday, Microsoft released to the public the development tools for Windows 10 (technical preview). With this release, you can start developing applications targeting the universal application platform (UAP).

Of course MVVM Light is present on this new platform too and allows you to build decoupled applications with the MVVM pattern. More than ever, XAML and the data binding system allow you to build applications in a fast and comfortable manner for a large number of devices with Windows 10.

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Solving the “Event not found” issue in Xamarin #MVVMLight binding and commanding

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When using the MVVM Light binding framework (or other such frameworks, for that matter), you may encounter an issue where the debug version of your application works just fine, but the release version throws the following exception:

Event not found: Click
(or any other event name)
Parameter name: eventName

So what’s happening here?

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Going to VS Live!

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I am very excited to talk about Xamarin, cross-platform development and MVVM Light at VS Live in Las Vegas this year.

At IdentityMine, we are very proud and happy to be Xamarin Premier Partners and to work with this great platform to create awesome experiences on all supported platforms. It’s a real pleasure to be present at VS Live and to present two sessions, both on March 17, 2015.

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