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MVVM Light Fundamentals, a Pluralsight course

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Today, my Pluralsight course “MVVM Light Fundamentals” was published. It is the achievement of a long road for me, the conclusion of an adventure that started more than a year ago with the awesome people at Pluralsight. I won’t talk too much about why it took me so long to create this course, let’s just say that creating videos is really a totally different business than book writing. I had to work a lot to find the right way to do things, and especially find ways to optimize the act of recording the video, which I can only do when I am not travelling. It took a while until I found the correct way to do things. Everyone says that the first course is horribly hard, and I can vouch for that. They also say that the next courses are much easier, and I hope I can prove this too :)

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Teaser: my MVVM Light reference course at Pluralsight is almost ready

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Boy how long did I wait for that! The MVVM Light reference course at Pluralsight is almost ready! We just have a couple more modules to review, a little polish to be done, a few questions to be written and then we are done.

So here’s a small teaser series. To build up some anticipation, I decided to show you the title of the modules and sections. For this course, I assume a prior knowledge of XAML but no knowledge about MVVM is required.

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