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Giving more battery life to your Surface Pro

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I love my Surfaces. I have three at the moment: one Surface RT (1st generation) which is going to pass to my younger daughter for her homework, email, videos, internet browsing and games; one Surface 2 (no more RT in the name now, this is the second generation of the “small” Surface which runs Windows Store apps); and a Surface Pro first generation.

I was hoping to grab a Surface Pro 2 during my recent trip to Seattle but the model that interests me (256GB) is sold out throughout the USA (and most of the world probably). Some MVPs managed to grab one here or there, but even with a bit of research I was unable to find any. Nevermind, I’ll just wait a bit. While I love my Surface Pro 1, I just would like a bit more RAM (4GB is a bit tight for development), more SSD (128GB at the moment requires me to think too much about what I synchronize from Skydrive and what I leave online-only) and some more battery life.

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