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Code and slides posted for my latest talks

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October and November have been quite busy with travel. I talked at a few occasions in some cool events and want to take a moment to share the code and slides below:

Xamarin Dev Day, Zurich, Switzerland

I love the concept of the Xamarin Dev Day. It’s a great way to reach out to local communities and have a day of fun teaching and training with Xamarin content. This year I took part to the Zurich, Switzerland occurrence. It definitely didn’t hurt that it was help in a very cool space, under a train viaduct in the previously industrial area of the city, which is these days a pretty cool place to live and work.

I held my talk titled “Building truly cross platform applications with Windows, Xamarin and MVVM Light” which comments on the fact that the so called “UWP” (Universal Windows Platform) applications are only for Windows (hence the W) and that if you want to target mobile iOS and Android devices, you need something more. Xamarin and MVVM Light are great solutions in this scenario, because they maximize the amount of code that can be shared, all the while increasing the testable surface of the application. You can find the code and slides at this page.

KC .NET User Group & Xamarin KC Dev, Kansas City, Missouri

You might have read that the company I joined in 2008 (IdentityMine) was acquired this year by a company based in Kansas City named Valorem Consulting. On November 1st and 2nd, I spent time at the head office to meet with a maximum of new colleagues. It was a nice stay in a city (and state) I had never visited before. In fact I even “visited” two states during that stay, because Kansas City is laid over Missouri and Kansas! Earlier on I had tweeted about me visiting KC, and the local .NET developer user group contacted me and asked if I wanted to speak at a user group meeting on that evening. Of course the answer was a resounding yes! And the best part is that the Xamarin KC user group also joined the fun for their first ever joint event. We had a great attendance with a full room of about 65 people, and a very nice interaction. After the event, a small group gathered at a local bar and we had pie and drinks (I had a root beer float, because why not). Excellent way to make new friends in a new city! I also held my talk “Building Truly Universal Applications with Windows, Xamarin and MVVM Light”.  You can find the slides and code here.

DevIntersection Europe, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Right after my return from the US (with the visit to Kansas City, a few days in the office in Seattle and then the MVP and Regional Directors Summit in Bellevue/Redmond), I had another short trip to the Netherlands. I spoke at the DevIntersection conference in Haarlem, a small city not far from Amsterdam. The location was superb, a convention center close to the historical center of the city, the hotel was great too (though the bed was wayyyyy too soft for me :) and the audience was very nice. It is definitely smaller than DevIntersection in the US (where they have events in Vegas and Orlando), but I had a good albeit small audience nonetheless and some great interactions with attendees and fellow speakers.

I spoke about the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform, a dense session which contains information about creating a new UWP app; adapting the user interface to the various form factors, resolutions, orientations etc; porting classic windows applications to the Windows 10 ecosystem with the Desktop App Converter (also known as Centennial bridge); the Windows Continuum; and Microsoft HoloLens. Unfortunately because of unknown technical issues, I was not able to stream the HoloLens output to my phone nor to my Surface like I used to do. Unfortunately we ran out of time before I was able to solve the issue (which would probably have required restarting the HoloLens and the phone). I want to apologize to the audience for this technical glitch. I hope that the people who joined me later for a quick trial of the HoloLens were happy anyway, and that the others didn’t go back home with a bad image of this amazing technology :) I recorded a few videos showing the various demos I wanted to give, you can find all the material including code and slides on this page.

Thanks all for attending and happy coding!

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Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft)
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My #XamarinEvolve talk is online for your viewing pleasure

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Update 13th January 2015: I updated the sample to the new Xamarin.iOS Unified APIs which are required for 64 bits support. See the related blog post here.

The Xamarin team did it! My talk (and all the other Xamarin Evolve talks) are available in video for your viewing pleasure.

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About Windows Phone 8.1 and universal apps

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At the Build conference, Microsoft just released the new Windows Phone 8.1 “blue” SDK. Looking back in time, I think that it is one of the most significant changes to the Windows Phone framework since it was first released back then in 2010. First there is a wealth of new features and APIs, and there will be plenty of articles about that! Then there is a new architectural direction which will allow even more code sharing between Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 than in the past! And soon for Xbox too.

Windows Phone 8.1 apps

When you install Visual Studio Update 2 which was just released as a release candidate (RC), you will see that there are now two ways to build Windows Phone applications. In 8.1, you can select a “Windows Phone 8.1″ application and a “Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1″ application. This post will explain some of the differences. There is also a “Universal Application” template, and we will also talk about that.

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Teaser: my MVVM Light reference course at Pluralsight is almost ready

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Boy how long did I wait for that! The MVVM Light reference course at Pluralsight is almost ready! We just have a couple more modules to review, a little polish to be done, a few questions to be written and then we are done.

So here’s a small teaser series. To build up some anticipation, I decided to show you the title of the modules and sections. For this course, I assume a prior knowledge of XAML but no knowledge about MVVM is required.

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Blend and the Global User Interface font mystery

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If you are using the latest version of Blend (for Visual Studio 2013) and XAML, you may have noticed something weird: Suddenly, in some places of your XAML markup, an unwanted FontFamily property appears: FontFamily=”Global User Interface”

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Samples to my Microsoft Design Language talk at NDC London

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At NDCLondon, I had the pleasure to present my talk “Putting the Microsoft Design Language to work”. Because of time constraints (60 minutes is fairly short ;) I couldn’t show the actual code that I show in the long version of this talk. I did however promise to publish them and here they are now for your pleasure, hoping they will be helpful.

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Using the predefined buttons styles for the ApplicationBar in Windows 8

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When you create a new Windows 8 application, the Common folder contains a file named StandardStyles.xaml. Amongst other styling resources, this file contains a trove of application bar buttons styles, including Microsoft Design-like icons.

In order to use these styles, however, you need to uncomment the corresponding one. Microsoft commented these styles out, because otherwise they would be instantiated by the XAML parser when the app starts, which would cause some delays and use unnecessary memory. That makes it a bit tricky to find the right button style you want to use for your app bar.

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Session material from TechDays BE and NL

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This post was imported from my old blog and had 4 comments which are included as a screenshot at the end of this post.

UPDATE: Added the videos

Note: Like all material on this blog, this blog post and all the referenced material are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. You are free to reuse material from this post and from the referenced material, but you must attribute this material to me, and link to this blog post, or to my website. Thanks!

I had the chance to be invited again to speak at TechDays in Belgium (Antwerp) and in the Netherlands (The Hague), and delivered 3 sessions (one of them twice) to an audience of developers. It was as usual a very wonderful experience in two very well organized events. I also had the chance to speak to a number of great speakers such as Jeff Prosise, Ben Riga, Beth Massi, Iris Classon, Rich Griffin and many more who, in the past years spent travelling and speaking at various events around the world, have become really good friends. Meeting these old friends and talking to a lot of new people at conferences is really enriching and brings me a lot of joy. That is the real value of community in what we do, discovering new technologies together and sharing that knowledge.

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Oredev 2012: Summary and source code

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This week, I had the pleasure to be invited to talk at Oredev, a really cool conference taking place in Malmo, Sweden. The whole event is awesome, including a very special dinner on Monday including sauna and swimming in a 6 degrees cold Baltic sea, and a reception with dinner at the town hall, including the mayor himself. Considering Malmo is a town of 300’000 inhabitants, it is a pretty nice occasion and the historical building itself is really worth seeing. For those interested, I placed my pictures on my Flickr account.

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Adventures in Windows 8: Working around the navigation animation issues in LayoutAwarePage

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This post was imported from my old blog and had 3 comments which are included as a screenshot at the end of this post.

LayoutAwarePage is a pretty cool add-on to Windows 8 apps, which facilitates greatly the implementation of orientation-aware (portrait, landscape) as well as state-aware (snapped, filled, fullscreen) apps. It has however a few issues that are obvious when you use transformed elements on your page.

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